Build confidence, make connections and find love from the outside in with makeover expert Kim Seltzer


4 Style Guides

You'll receive a Wardrobe Guide, Sexy BodyShape Checklist, Online Image Style Checklist and the Killer Body Image Cheatsheet!


Virtual Makeover

This is a laser-focused one-hour session where you will get a complete makeover!

Custom Lipstick

Our gift to you! A shade picked out just for your style and pigment! A little lipstick goes a long way.

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only $350

$600 value!!!

All orders include a custom lipstick!

There's nothing that makes you feel sexier or more put together than a little lipstick. Kim will pick a custom shade based on your skin tone and style and ship it straight to your door!

Give the gift of style this holiday season!


Virtual Makeover

With this recorded video chat, you will receive a live image makeover with Kimberly.This is a laser-focused one-hour session where you will get a complete image and closet assessment along with shopping links, style tips and a body analysis to ensure that you choose the best clothing options for both your dates and all aspects of your life.

One Hour Interactive Session Will Help You...

  • Learn what looks good on your body and what colors work for you
  • Obtain a closet assessment
  • Start thinking about your personal style
  • Discover what first impressions you're conveying
  • Fine-tune your brand
  • Develop future image goals, including a shopping plan and clothing recommendations

Sexy Body Shape Checklist

Your body shape is just that - the geometric shape that your features create in your silhouette.

By connecting the "dots" between your features, you can easily visualize your shape.

You can determine your body shape with this comprehensive checklist and a measuring tape!

Wardrobe Guide

Do you walk in your closet and just stare at the massive overwhelming clutter?

It's like a monster in that closet and it can be scary walking in there! So then you end up walking away and wearing the same thing over and over because you can't bear to sort through the mess get stuck in a rut.

Learn how to declutter your closet, put together outfits that work for you and create a makeover shopping plan.

Photo Guidelines

Your presentation in your photos is crucial when it comes to first impressions and branding. It takes 30 seconds to make a first impression that is based on attire and attitude. Like it or not, you are sending messages based solely upon how you look in a picture.

The question to ask is: are you sending the right message with the clothes you are wearing? 

Killer Body Image Worksheet

Have you ever seen that woman who definitely doesn’t have the “perfect” Victoria Secret-type body, but is so confident that it doesn’t matter?

When you are truly confident with your body and all its flaws, you radiate in a way that simply draws other people to you, including men!

That kind of inner confidence can’t be faked. In order to get it, you need to learn how to love your body exactly how it is today – flaws and all.



Kim Seltzer

Makeover & Confidence Expert, Therapist and Dating Coach, Speaker, Author and regular contributor to Huffington Post and, Co-host & Love Expert of a dating show, The Great Love Debate. Leading expert and judge in a cable reality dating show, The Romance. Kimberly utilizes the combined use of therapy, in-field date coaching, NLP and styling to help people with their confidence and dating life.

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